O’Regan’s Perma-Shine

O’Regan’s Perma-Shine

O’Regan’s Automotive approached us with an opportunity; a couple of years ago they purchased an auto detailing franchise called Perma-Shine and it operated under their banners quite well providing services like detailing, safety inspections and undercoating to all of the O’Regan’s family of brands. As their business evolves so has their needs and some of the internal business that would have come from an O’Regan’s store to the Perma-Shine arm is going to a different process starting this year.



As the business evolves how do we create a branded presence that sets Perma-Shine apart from industry competition (ex. Shine Factory) and also give’s the brand its own look and feel within the O’Regan’s “house brands”.


Key KPIs included:

Assist in the transformation of the Perma-Shine operation from a service counter type of internal service to a more refined retail / customer facing brand using paid media develop a promotional strategy that will ultimately be measured by foot traffic and sales.



Develop a unique look and feel that immediately demonstrates the type of services available while maintain a link back to the O’Regan’s master brand.



After testing a number of different creative executions we landed on the creative look and feel below that resonated with clients and customers.

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